Queuing at the SDR

It’s not just people who benefit from the SDR. The roof of our building becomes a gathering ground for pigeons at lunch time…

Every day, many of our clients take out a little portion of their plate and give it to the birds outside. So regular has this custom become that the birds now gather expectantly every day in large flocks. Those who feed the birds are quiet insistent that this must be done and go to great pains to collect unwanted morsels from other plates too.

It’s not just the birds who experience the generosity of SDR clients. Some clients will bring plastic containers with them and purchase an extra meal for the friend whose piece-job has kept them away that day, or for the ailing family member who can’t make it all the way to town. And then others will make sure they have a few extra 5c pieces to give to those in the queue who forgot theirs.

No one need go hungry as long as someone cares enough to look out for them.


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